Making the complex simple, and the simple insightful

Capsule Technologies’ Medical Device Information Platform captures and contextualizes clinical data, providing real-time patient information that can facilitate early intervention and enable better clinical outcomes. The platform simplifies three key workflow challenges: documentation, surveillance and evidence-based interventions.


“[Clinicians] are baffled by what feels like a ‘data paradox.’ They are overloaded with data entry and yet rampantly under-informed.”

Andy Slavitt, Former CMS Administrator

Data Overload Creates Complexity Compression & Patient Risk


The Solution: Simplify Clinical Workflows

Improve patient safety, communication, satisfaction and experience for providers and patients alike.

simplify clinical workflows

Capsule’s Medical Device Integration Platform:
Designed to Deliver Simplicity

medical device integration

Medical Device Integration:

simplifies information management by capturing and contextualizing medical device data enabling clinical insights.

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clinical surveillance

Clinical Surveillance:

simplifies clinical surveillance by reducing false positive alarms and providing real-time access to patient care.

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patient monitoring

Patient Monitoring:

simplifies documentation by reducing chart time, transcription errors, and data gaps and lags.

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June 2, 2020

How Connected Medical Devices Can Slow COVID-19 Spread in Hospitals


A recent interview with Kevin Phillips, Capsule’s VP of Product Management and Marketing, has been published by HIMSS TV. In the video, Kevin provides some background on Capsule and answers questions related to our Medical Device Information Platform and the use of streaming medical device to support better patient care.

University of Miami Health
May 21, 2020

Capsule’s Ventilated Patient Surveillance Workstation Helping to Meet Hospital Care Demands for Critical COVID-19 Patients

Press Release

The Capsule VPS workstation is already in use by several leading healthcare organizations with the University of Miami Health System among new sites to go-live.

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