We work with over 80 medical device manufacturers and our device library supports over 875 devices. Our relationships with medical device manufacturers also ensures that we maintain and update our drivers as the manufacturers update their devices. This allows our customers the ability to upgrade their devices and still maintain their driver integration.

Along with the physical connection, the system has the ability to recognize what type of device the customer is connecting using our Device Driver Interfaces (DDIs). During the deployment, medical devices are physically connected and then configured so that the DDIs can capture, normalize, and transform the medical device data through the Capsule System. DDIs also provide true plug and play capabilities that allow the user easy connectivity of their devices through our system throughout the hospital. Through the industry’s largest and most mature device driver library, hospitals are assured that all of their medical device types, models, and firmware versions are covered. Whether looking to enable connectivity for a wide range of both aging and new devices, or looking to expand the range of device types across different types of care environments, a comprehensive device driver library provides a truly scalable infrastructure.