VitalPlus Rollstand

A new standard in patient safety: Bedside monitoring and documentation

Vitals Plus monitors patients and sends validated vital signs to electronic medical records (EMRs), right from the bedside, enabling nurses to focus on direct caregiving. By automating documentation, Vitals Plus empowers bedside caregivers to give more personalized care, leading to clinician and patient satisfaction, while reducing transcription errors.

Vitals Plus contributes to the enhancement of care and aids in reducing risk for patients in non-critical care settings—and for the healthcare system—in three important ways.

  • Efficiency: Delivers timely, electronic vital signs data and clinical observations, catalyzing actionable insights and giving clinicians more time with patients.
  • Accuracy: Eliminates human error in transcription and data/chart mix-ups. Enables better team communication, even during shift changes.
  • Usability: Saves clinicians time with a single screen to login, associate a patient, measure vitals, chart modifiers and custom vitals, calculate an early warning score and send it all to the record, right from the bedside.
vitals plus infographic

Advantages of enhanced monitoring, patient safety, and timeliness:

  • Reduce charting time from hours to minutes
  • Improve workflow with a single screen for login, patient association, vitals monitoring and charting of 15 elements
  • Improve hand-offs between clinical users with rapid authentication to not interrupt workflow
  • Consolidate and standardize documentation and analysis of patient data


Product details:

  • Customizable to meet the changing needs of your hospital
  • Easily add modifiers and customer fields
  • Set intervals for vitals
  • Use your preferred pulse oximeter or  thermometer type
  • Available with Early Warning Scoring System (EWSS)*

*EWSS is a hospital-configured tool to guide condition assessment and trending

Key features:

  • Role-based authorizations to coordinate use between user types
  • 72 hours of patient-centric vitals history on a single screen at bedside
  • Compatibility with Masimo SET ®, Nellcor OxiMax™,  Exergen, and Filac™
  • Bedside vitals validation for timely transmission into most EMRs
  • Compatibility with different thermometer types
  • Rapid authentication
  • Physiological alarms
  • NIBP validation and timed intervals
  • Continuous SpO2 monitoring
  • Remote application deployment
  • Quick and easy configuration

An all-in-one solution for monitoring and clinical documentation that combines ease of use and efficiency.


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