Available to hospitals using Capsule Medical Device Information Platform version 9 and higher

Continuous clinical surveillance can help extend the reach of ICU staff over the full range of intensive care patients, wherever they receive care in the facility. Capsule Ventilated Patient Surveillance workstation (using the Bernoulli One Enterprise Software) can provide:

  • Centralized view of ventilator data (FiO2, Set Tidal Volume, Exhaled Tidal Volume, Set RR, Total RR, Peak Inspiratory Pressure, Positive End Expiratory Pressure for each patient)
  • Centralized alarming and alerting based on Surveillance pre-configured rules (smart rules) reviewed and approved by clinical decision makers
ventilated patient surveillance workstation
ventilated patient surveillance workstation

Read how Yale New Haven Health has implemented the VPS workstation to deliver safe and effective patient care to its COVID-19 ventilated patients.

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ventilated patient surveillance workstation

Read how Capsule’s Ventilated Patient Surveillance Workstation is helping to meet hospital care demands for critical COVID-19 patients. The University of Miami Health System among new sites to go-live.

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Helping hospitals manage the COVID-19 pandemic

An adequate supply of ventilators on hand may not be enough to prevent patients from experiencing respiratory depression and failure. Adding continuous clinical surveillance to your ventilation workflow can help you detect conditions in these patients that may indicate the present or eventual onset of respiratory distress. It can also help staff limit their exposure for infection, with fewer bedside visits, while still managing patients closely.

How is your hospital planning to manage COVID-19 patients?

  • Providing care for high acuity patients in lower acuity areas (Med-Surg, Stepdown, etc.)
  • Having non-ICU staff care for ventilated patients
  • Meeting demand for ventilators and respiratory devices

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering to add continuous clinical surveillance for ventilated patients to your Capsule Medical Device Information Platform (MDIP) installation.

Take advantage of this limited‑time offer

Currently cleared for US customers only. International customers please contact a Capsule sales representative.
ventilated patient surveillance workstation

Existing ICU beds are reaching capacity

Due to expected high influx of critically ill patients experiencing respiratory distress.

ventilated patient surveillance workstation

Hospital departments transformed into ICU rooms

Demand for secondary clinical oversight is rising due to increased demands on staff.

Hospital for Special Care—Achieving Clinical Clarity from Ventilator Overload

For eligibility questions or to upgrade your existing deployment contact a Capsule representative
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