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27 Mar 2020

Learning from COVID-19: Urgent Call for Innovation

By Hemant Goel

As COVID-19 progresses, the call for help from hospitals has been loud and clear.  ICUs around the world are doing everything they can to expand capacity into new areas of the hospital and beyond.  Supply shortages, the increasing burden on clinical staff, and the risk of infection all contribute to an impossible work situation.  More is needed, and it is going to push us all to be creative and find new ways.

Technology is a key enabler, and we are directing all resources to support our clients’ urgent needs to increase efficiency and visibility.  As our hospital clients race to build temporary ICU rooms to expand capacity, optimize clinical efforts, and lower the risk of infection, we are contributing to their goals in several ways:

  • Connecting a mix of medical devices quickly – ventilators, legacy monitors, anesthesia machines
  • Building new connected patient monitoring solutions to quickly triage incoming patients
  • Providing medical device system visibility to ensure uptime and optimal device utilization
  • Gaining remote, continuous visibility on critical, respiratory compromised COVID-19 patients

Already being used in COVID-19 care units, Ventilated Patient Surveillance is proving its value in supporting front line clinical decision making and helping staff limit their exposure for contracting an infection. Under normal operating conditions we would deploy this expanded capability by asking clients to upgrade to the latest platform revision. However, we realize that our clients do not have the luxury of time to appropriately test and deploy such an upgrade.

Therefore, over the past 2 weeks, we have found a way to deploy a turnkey Capsule Ventilated Patient Surveillance solution atop existing versions of the Capsule platform, which Capsule implementation specialists can install remotely.

And in our effort to assist clients care for these COVID-19 patients during these challenging economic conditions, the Capsule team will deploy the Capsule Ventilated Patient Surveillance licenses at ‘no charge’.

In the coming weeks, as our health system experiences a surge in acutely ill patients, we will be working closely with hospitals to help manage the COVID-19 influx. Join me here, as we candidly share our experiences in this unprecedented challenge to our healthcare system.

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