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Early Warning Scoring System
1月 28, 2020

Improve Sepsis Outcomes: Incorporate An Early Warning Scoring System Into Bedside Care

by Cyndi Coyne, Clinical Consultant at Capsule Technologies

Evidence demonstrates that mortality rates can be significantly reduced if septic patients are identified in the early stages of the disease progression. Here are three key steps to reducing sepsis mortality rates in your hospital.

1月 23, 2020

A New Standard in Patient Safety: Automated Patient Monitoring


To reduce medical errors and combat the inefficiencies of manual patient charting, here are three areas that will benefit from automated patient monitoring technology.

bedside care
1月 13, 2020

Streamlining Vitals Technology: The Future of Bedside Care


Streamlining vitals technology has a greater role in patient care than ever before—helping to drive innovation and improve bedside care outcomes.