9月 15, 2021

Lessons Learned from a Fully Remote Services Model

by Peter Bjornholm, Rebecca Dalton and Edith Gillet

Capsule technical and clinical consultants continually optimize remote service delivery to support healthcare providers in deploying, implementing, and maintaining integration and data solutions.

2月 11, 2021

COVID-19 Is Having an Effect on Cybersecurity Efforts


Capsule Technologies Cybersecurity Manager Christophe Doré discusses the impact of COVID-19 on the cybersecurity of healthcare institutions with interviewer Susan Morse, Managing Editor of Healthcare Finance News.

Alert Fatigue
8月 6, 2020

Curbing COVID-19-Related Alert Fatigue

by Sarah Williams, RRT

The ability to predict a patient’s clinical deterioration and intervene before an adverse health event occurs – even saving a life – is the ultimate goal for any clinical surveillance strategy.

6月 2, 2020

How Connected Medical Devices Can Slow COVID-19 Spread in Hospitals


A recent interview with Kevin Phillips, Capsule’s VP of Product Management and Marketing, has been published by HIMSS TV. In the video, Kevin provides some background on Capsule and answers questions related to our Medical Device Information Platform and the use of streaming medical device to support better patient care.

importance of ventilator surveillance
4月 14, 2020

A view of COVID-19 from the frontlines and the importance of ventilator surveillance

by John Zaleski

As both a clinician and a data scientist for a health technology company, it is clear to me that this unfortunate pandemic has made it no longer an option for hospitals to ignore technology that help and protect overwhelmed clinicians manage the strain of the impossible caseloads caused by COVID-19.

keeping clinicians and patients safe through remote ventilator visibility
4月 7, 2020

Keeping clinicians and patients safe through remote ventilator visibility

by Hemant Goel

Hospitals are grappling with having enough equipment and staff to treat respiratory distress. Capsule has been working with several hospital clients to help monitor ventilated patients remotely with a Ventilated Patient Surveillance Workstation.