Early Warning Scoring System

janvier 14, 2021

A Nurse’s Greatest Fear, Part 2: Giving Clinicians Greater Insight & Improving Patient Safety Outside of the ICU

by Cyndi Coyne, BSN, RN

Continuous monitoring of SpO2 and EtCO2 could help nurses in non-critical care areas identify decompensating patient conditions and intervene sooner to save lives.

Why Capnography is Essential for Postoperative Care
décembre 15, 2020

Why Capnography is Essential for Postoperative Care

by John Zaleski and Gregory Eckstein

The suppression of ventilation and reduced airway protection can leave postoperative patients vulnerable to respiratory failure from “opiate-induced” or “immobility-induced” respiratory depression. Continuous capnography monitoring provides instantaneous respiratory status to help clinicians identify and prevent complications.

Early Warning Scoring System into bedside care
janvier 28, 2020

Improve Sepsis Outcomes: Incorporate An Early Warning Scoring System Into Bedside Care

by Cyndi Coyne, Clinical Consultant at Capsule Technologies

Evidence demonstrates that mortality rates can be significantly reduced if septic patients are identified in the early stages of the disease progression. Here are three key steps to reducing sepsis mortality rates in your hospital.