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Alarm Fatigue

Prevent Patient Deterioration
November 24, 2020

A Nurse’s Greatest Fear: Missing Signs of Preventable Patient Deterioration

by Cyndi Coyne, BSN, RN

Patient care requires continuous cognitive shifting and stacking to identify and prioritize clinical tasks. Processing the vast volume of information alone is stressful, then consider that shifting and stacking can potentially distract a clinician from noticing a warning sign of patient deterioration. The best result would be a slight delay in the delivery of needed care, while the worst result would be A Nurse’s Greatest Fear.

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Finding Balance for Nurses
November 28, 2018

Technology, Workflow and Outcomes: Finding Balance for Nurses

by Jessica Lake, BSN, BS, RN

For many nurses, increased medical technology is just another barrier to human-centered, outcomes-based care. There is a better way—and it’s up to nurses to forge that path.

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