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August 20, 2020

Capsule Technologies Expands COVID-19 Relief Efforts

Ventilated Patient Surveillance workstation powered by Microsoft Azure now available to hospitals

ANDOVER, MA — August 20, 2020 — To give hospitals greater flexibility in their ongoing response to COVID-19, Capsule Technologies announced today the availability of the cloud deployed and managed version of its Ventilated Patient Surveillance (VPS) workstation powered by Microsoft Azure. The news marks an extension of Capsule’s long-standing collaboration with Microsoft.

The VPS workstation provides users of the Capsule Medical Device Information Platform (MDIP) centralized remote observation of patients’ ventilator data and clinically actionable emergent events.

A significant portion of coronavirus patients experience severe respiratory complications and require therapy provided by means of mechanical ventilators. With a much higher than normal population of ventilated patients, respiratory therapists and other clinicians experienced in acute respiratory care have many more cases to manage. Treating quarantined patients presents unique challenges, including taking added precautions to prevent infection of staff, who don Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for in-person bedside visits. The VPS workstation annunciates alerts for clinically actionable emergent events so that clinicians can better manage their personal exposure to the virus, and their use of PPE.

“Our collaboration with Microsoft provides hospitals another option to deploy the VPS workstation in the fight against COVID-19,” said Frederic Darguesse, vice president of engineering at Capsule Technologies. “Microsoft’s guidance and training on Microsoft Azure enabled us to accelerate deployment for Capsule clients in need of this specialized clinical solution. And it’s the easiest way for a hospital that already has a cloud IT strategy to get up and running. Microsoft is committed to privacy, data sovereignty and compliance with healthcare regulations in all Azure regions.”

Dr. David Rhew, global chief medical officer, Microsoft said, “Microsoft Azure helps Capsule support healthcare customers and provides a platform for future capabilities in a wide range of markets. Hospitals can now quickly deploy the VPS workstation without burdening on-site tech resources.”

Ventilated patient surveillance leverages the ventilator connectivity of the Capsule MDIP, used in more than 2,000 U.S. hospitals. Besides ventilated patient surveillance, Capsule will make the MDIP available on Azure in the near future, and hospitals will be able to speed upgrades across the Capsule platform.

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