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April 30, 2019

Capsule Technologies Acquires Bernoulli Health

ANDOVER, MA, April 30, 2019 – Capsule Technologies, Inc., a leader in medical device integration and non-critical care patient monitoring solutions, today announced it has acquired Bernoulli Health. The acquisition includes Bernoulli One™, a real-time clinical surveillance solution that gives care teams contextual information on a patient’s condition that can facilitate early intervention, improve patient safety and enable better clinical outcomes.

The acquisition grows Capsule Technologies’ leadership position by extending the reach of its clinical platform into additional use cases by adding patient data visualization to the platform’s existing data management and connectivity capabilities.

Today, hospital clinical leadership is focusing on more direct ways to improve patient safety by increasing continuous surveillance on patients throughout their entire course of stay in the hospital. Bernoulli Health’s clinical surveillance solution provides early detection of critical events so care teams can intervene before deterioration occurs. The addition of this capability furthers Capsule Technologies’ focus on improving patient safety by providing clinicians with tools that simplify clinical workflow and provide data-driven insights at the point of care.

“Capsule Technologies’ success is built on our vendor-neutral approach, giving hospitals the flexibility and freedom to deploy almost any medical device,” said Kevin Phillips, Capsule Technologies’ vice president of product management. “Our customers are assured that we can connect to their devices, process data on the fly, and integrate normalized relevant physiologic and treatment data to any downstream clinical system that best meets their needs. Integrating Bernoulli Health’s clinical surveillance solution into our medical device Integration platform provides yet another option for those customers who want a tightly connected turnkey experience.”

“Bernoulli Health and Capsule Technologies have a shared vision to unlock the power of medical device data to provide better clinical insights across all levels of patient acuity,” said Janet Dillione, chief executive officer of Bernoulli Health. “With the emergence in the market of clinical surveillance, predictive analytics and real-time healthcare, we are confident that bringing together these two organizations will be highly beneficial to all our stakeholders and especially customers.”

About Capsule Technologies

Capsule Technologies is a leading global provider of medical device integration for hospitals and healthcare organizations. Our platform captures streaming data from virtually any medical device and transforms context rich information to any clinical documentation, alarm management, patient surveillance, decision support and research system. Our end-to-end data management and connectivity supports better collaboration and communication, improves patient safety and overall satisfaction. Over 2,500 global clients have leveraged our platform to simplify clinical workflows and power data-driven insights throughout the hospital and across care settings. Learn more at

About Bernoulli Health

Bernoulli Health is the leader in real-time solutions for patient safety, with more than 450 installed, operational systems. Bernoulli One is the market’s only real-time clinical surveillance solution that combines telemedicine/virtual ICU, advanced alarm surveillance, predictive analytics and robust distribution capabilities into one solution that empowers clinicians with tools to drive better patient safety, clinical outcomes, patient experience, and provider workflow. For more information about Bernoulli One, visit



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