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March 2, 2017

Qualcomm and Mindray France Collaborate to Enable Alarm Management

SAN DIEGO — March 2, 2017 — Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM) today announced that its subsidiary, Qualcomm Life, Inc., is collaborating with Mindray France, one of the world’s largest medical device manufacturers, to integrate medical device data to streamline alarm management across the hospital enterprise. The two companies executed an agreement to enable Mindray France to integrate data from an expansive ecosystem of medical devices leveraging Qualcomm Life’s Capsule™ platform to deliver an alarm management solution for hospitals. Mindray France selected the vendor-neutral and open Capsule platform, to solve the interoperability challenges of integrating data from a number of different devices from various medical device manufacturers.

The frequency and number of alarms emitted from medical devices can cause a sensory overload condition described as “alarm fatigue,” where clinicians become desensitized to alarms that are frequently sounded in hospitals. To address this issue, hospitals are implementing alarm management systems that better organize alarm data from medical devices.

The collaboration between Qualcomm Life and Mindray France will integrate medical device data, using Qualcomm Life’s Capsule solution, into an alarm management system managed by Mindray France’s partner, Software Team. The agreement is the first-of-its-kind between the two companies, and will allow Mindray France to resell the Capsule solution as part of their offer. Mindray’s alarm management system has already been implemented in CHU Toulouse, France, where they are leveraging the system to notify and action alarm messages, and apply customer-defined thresholds and escalation rules.

Qualcomm Life’s open, device-agnostic Capsule platform is integrated with more than 800 medical devices from multiple manufacturers, and supports the unique needs of hospitals by integrating data emitted from various biomedical devices into downstream systems, including alarm management and EMRs, to make data more actionable for clinicians.

“Mindray France is excited to collaborate with Qualcomm Life to solve the complexities of implementing an alarm management system for hospitals across France,” said Jean-Jacques Vincent, Marketing Manager, Mindray France. “Our mission is to improve health care by optimizing and sharing medical technologies with the world, and Qualcomm Life’s open, flexible and scalable Capsule connectivity solution helps us achieve this goal.”

“Qualcomm Life is thrilled to be collaborating with a leading medical device manufacturer like Mindray to help solve the pressing issue of alarm fatigue,” said Didier Argenton, vice president, sales, Qualcomm Life. “By connecting and integrating medical device data, our aim of this collaboration is to ultimately enable actionable insights that clinicians can use to improve care.”


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