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October 1, 2019

Cambridge University Hospitals Reap Significant Cost and Clinical Workflow Savings with Capsule MDI Implementation

ANDOVER, MA, October 1st, 2019—Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (CUH), one of the largest and best-known trusts in the United Kingdom, has reported considerable cost and time savings with its medical device integration initiative.

Powered by Capsule Technologies’ Medical Device Information Platform, CUH capitalized on comprehensive medical device connectivity and data management in a single solution. Implemented across the health system’s ICU and ICU contingency unit, surgical theatres and anesthesia theatre, Capsule integrated cardiac monitors, ventilators, anesthetic devices and C02 monitors into CUH’s electronic patient record (EPR). More than 200 patient beds were connected by the integration.

The integration allows CUH to automate EPR documentation and distribute data to clinical research systems by capturing inbound connections and parsing outbound data into multiple, customizable feeds to meet the requirements of other systems.

As a result, CUH reports the automated documentation capability has saved an estimated £2.6 million ($3.15M USD) in equivalent staff time. The organization also increased the annual number of anesthesia theatre (operating room) cases by 225 a year, while reducing turnaround time by three minutes per case.

The initiative also improved patient safety by allowing clinicians to focus on the patients instead of manually driven documentation. Additionally, immediate access to accurate data powers contextualized decision making and supports timely clinical interventions.

CUH was awarded HIMSS EMRAM Stage 6 status for its digital innovation efforts, and the MDI initiative was a key factor in its designation as an NHS Global Digital Exemplar.  The results of the MDI initiative were presented by CUH representatives in June at the Health Plus Care 2019 conference in London.

“With Capsule, medical device data is automatically and immediately transferred into our EPR,” said Dr. Afzal Chaudhry, CUH’s Chief Medical Information Officer. “This approach has been key to enhancing data accuracy.”

Capsule’s innovative, comprehensive platform captures and intelligently contextualizes medical device information, providing timely patient updates at the point of care. The platform addresses key workflow challenges and drives patient safety, improves staff communication and enhances both the clinician and patient experience. The company’s vendor-neutral platform gives hospitals the flexibility and freedom to deploy almost any medical device.

“Comprehensive device connectivity and enhanced accessibility of real-time patient data facilitates better clinical decision making, patient care and provider satisfaction,” said Hemant Goel, CEO of Capsule Technologies. “We are pleased to be partnered with CUH on their quest to improve their infrastructure and positively impact the lives of their patients and providers.”

With the first two phases of the implementation complete, CUH’s future integration plans include the general care wards, emergency department and the use of data for decision support analytics. Read more about CUH’s success with Capsule’s Medical Device Information Platform, download the case study.

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