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March 19, 2022

PhilipsIIC 5.3.14

Compatible Applications

Capsule™ Vitals Stream

Device Manufacturer

Philips Healthcare

Supported Devices

Monitoring Central Station

  • IntelliVue Information Center (IIC) (M3140)
  • IntelliVue Information Center (IIC) (M3145)
  • IntelliVue Information Center (IIC) (M3150)
  • IntelliVue Information Center (IIC) (M3155)
  • IntelliVue Information Center (IIC) iX

Patient Monitor Gateway

  • IntelliBridge Enterprise
  • IntelliVue Large Database Server (M3154)
  • IntelliVue Patient Link (M3170)
  • IntelliVue Small Database Server (M3169)

Description of the Release

  • Added support of firmware versions C.02 and C.03 of the IntelliVue Information Center iX
  • Added support for firmware versions B.06, B.07, B.10, and C.03 of the IntelliBridge Enterprise
  • Marked Pulse Rate from Plethysmogram variable as obsolete because it has been deprecated by the manufacturer
  • Improved reliability and performance when DDI is configured with server socket
  • Added EEG variables for all devices
  • Added several ChannelID Identifiers
  • Corrected data output format of I:E Ratio and added BIS variables to facilitate data integration.
  • Fixed an issue to allow variable Instrument Type to output with the correct units.
  • Changed data type of some variables for the IntelliBridge Enterprise and IntelliVue Information Center iX
  • Removed waveform variables because they are not exported by the device.
  • Corrected an issue that caused the driver to not send all acknowledgements when Store and Forward is configured.

Cases addressed by this Release

  • C69552 – PhilipsIIC Missing BIS Data
  • C72066 – Phillips IBE – PIICix Station & Server DDI Support
  • C74849 – IntelliBridge Enterprise
  • C77124 – New (IIC) iX not connecting to Smartlinx
  • C81501 – Variable 7131 is not incoming to DDI for Philip IBE
  • C81897 – Philips PIC iX C.03.1 firmware support
  • C82265 – [DDI UPDATE] PhilipsIIC | Philips PIC iX C | Fw: C3
  • C83213 – Philips IIC IX cannot receive I:E ratio
  • C84162 – NYU – Support for Philips IBE Rev C
  • C84336 – [IHE INTEGRATION] PhilipsIIC | Philips PIC iX C | C3
  • C85116 – Driver for IntelliVue Information Center Ix
  • C86387 – Community Anderson – Philips PIC / IBE Rev C upgrade- DDI support needed
  • C86561 – [IHE Integration] PhilipsIIC: Gateway
  • C88126 – Support for Philips IBE B.12.
  • C87357 – Variable not retrieved
  • C90543 – Support of Philips Intellivue iX C.03
  • C91800 – Support firmware version B.10 Philips IntelliBridge Enterprise Gateway
  • C91932 – PhilipsIIC missing Augmented pressure
  • C93446 – [DDI UPDATE] PhilipsIIC | Philips PIC iX C | C3
  • C96547 – Steward – Could not access Control Center on svr SHCCAPSLXCNP02V- has happened several times since live
  • C96601 – PhilipsIIC Pleth Variability index & non-invasive hemoglobin Variables Needed PhilipsIIC.
  • C60891 – Philips IBE firmware version B.07 DDI driver support