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November 3, 2022

NihonKohdenBSS 5.3.4

Compatible Applications

Capsule™ Vitals Stream

Device Manufacturer

Nihon Kohden

Supported Devices

Monitoring Central Station

  • CNS-6201
  • WEP-1400
  • WEP-4200
  • WEP-5204
  • WEP-5218

Patient Monitor

  • BSM-4100 series
  • Life Scope G7 (CSM-1700 Series)
  • Life Scope PT (BSM-1700 Series)
  • Life Scope TR (BSM-6000 Series)
  • Lifescope G3

Patient Monitor Gateway

  • CGS-9002
  • NK Gateway Server
  • QP-982PK
  • QP-993PK

Description of the Release

  • Added support for both TCP client and server modes for the Gateway Server, CGS-9002, QP-982PK, and QP-993PK.
  • Added support for CNS-6201 via direct network connection.
  • Added support for WEP-1400, WEP-5218, BSM-1700 Series, Lifescope G7, LifeScope G3, and CNS-6201 through the gateway servers.
  • Added support for firmware version 03-08 and trend data for the QP-993PK.
  • Added new variables to support the PiCCO parameters.
  • Added Fahrenheit unit to temperature variables,
  • Corrected HL7 grammar to make ORC segment optional.
  • Updated handling of empty MSH-7 fields.
  • Corrected output of numerical values prefixed by ‘+’.

Cases addressed by this Release

  • C70411 – NK GW HL7 Result messages not parsing in the SL server or in the SL Diagnostics panel
  • C72543 – Nihon Kohden Gateway QP-993PK firmware support request.
  • C76260 – Retrospective data support with Nihon Kohden Gateway QP-993PK
  • C81292 – Feasibility of WEP-1400, WEP-5218(Nihon Kohden)
  • C81808 – NK GW Disconnecting-Qualified
  • C81815 – Feasibility for BSM-1733-S, Transport monitor
  • C81817 – Feasibility for GZ-130PA, G3 series telemetry box
  • C83817 – DDI Support Request Livescope G7
  • C83373 – Hemodynamic unit (PiCCO) support via NK Gateway
  • C84703 – MDA – NK GW connection cannot be managed via a Layer 4 traffic management solution
  • C85008 – Bedside Monitor Connection @ Norton NOC
  • C85790 – NK Gateway Temperature Problem
  • C89256 – TCP/IP HL7 interface support for NK CNS-6201
  • C93539 – CNS-6201
  • C98659 – DDI: NK Gateway Server Help
  • C102429 – Support of specific variables in new NihonKhodenBSS DDI for CNS-6201
  • C102936 – Issue with Temp Probe Data on Capsule Server (Unit of measure Degrees C vs Degrees F)
  • C103956 – early release – NK Gateway driver
  • C42360 – Datacaptor 6.9.3 and NK GW not talking with DDI