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February 17, 2023

NihonKohdenA 5.3.4

Compatible Applications

Capsule™ Vitals Stream

Device Manufacturer

Nihon Kohden

Supported Devices


  • NKV-330
  • NKV-550

Description of the Release

  • Added full support for NKV-550 and NKV-330. Added Airway Respiration Measurement variables. Added Airway Respiration Setting variables. Added SpO2 variables. Added Ventilator Mode, Status and Setting variables. Added Device Info and Status variables. Added Patient Info variables.
  • Added full waveform support.
  • Added Measurement Time to all variables to facilitate data integration.
  • Added separate variables for all alarms. Added Alarm Repetition Frequency Table in the Help file. This is done to better facilitate alarm integration.

Cases addressed by this Release

  • C93792 – NKV-550 Upgrade Request
  • C98999 – Nihon Kohden NKV-550
  • C102927 – Full support for Nihon Kohden NKV-550 Vent