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May 5, 2022

MasimoD 5.3.4

Compatible Applications

Capsule™ Vitals Stream

Device Manufacturer

Masimo Corporation

Supported Devices

Patient Monitor

  • Rad-97
  • Radical-7 2012
  • Root

Description of the Release

  • Added support for variable-length data groups
  • Added support of V5209, V5217, and V5219 docking stations for Radical-7 2012
  • Added ChannelIDs to Spectral Edge Frequency, added SourceID to Generic Respiration Rate Alarm
  • Corrected output for Perfusion Index Delta Alarm
  • Changed the supported firmware version from IAP to Processor

Cases addressed by this Release

  • C84477 – MasimoD DDI not able to recieve all parameters from Root