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April 29, 2016

HewlettPackardA 5.0.2

Device manufacturer

Philips Healthcare

Supported devices

Standalone Patient Monitoring Systems

• Series 50 A (M1351A)

• Series 50 IP (M1353A)

• Series 50 IX (M1350A)
• Series 50 XM (M1350B)
• Series 50 XMO (M1350C)
• Avalon FM20 (M2702A)
• Avalon FM30 (M2703A)
• Avalon FM40 (M2704A)
• Avalon FM50 (M2705A)

Description of the release

Avalon FM50 connexion to a Gateway Phillips Obix through Y-cable
Helpfile update.
Cable reference update

Cases addressed by this release

• C41192: Connect Philips FM50 Fetal Monitor to DC while connected to Obix GW