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July 10, 2015

HamiltonA 5.0.4

Device manufacturer

Hamilton Medical AG

Supported devices


  • Amadeus
  • C1
  • C2
  • C3
  • G5
  • Galileo
  • Raphael
  • S1
  • T1
  • Veolar

Description of the release

Incorrect detection of T1,
Performance and connection issues on Galileo,
Help file updates, see below.

Cases addressed by this release

  • C17443 – Add information in Help File about T1 optional communication module
  • C34992, C36587 – Correct DDI so that DIM can be programmed for T1
  • C37316 – Improve performance to not impact DMM server performance
  • C38889 – Updated Device Configuration section in Help File for G5 and S1 ventilators
  • C42746 – Corrected an issue with ADI use for Galileo ventilator