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September 21, 2022

DatexA 5.2.19

Compatible Applications

Capsule™ Vitals Stream

Device Manufacturer

GE Healthcare

Supported Devices

Monitoring Central Station

  • iCentral

Patient Monitor

  • AS/3
  • B105
  • B125
  • B20
  • B30
  • B40
  • Cardiocap/5
  • CS/3
  • S/5
  • S/5 Compact
  • S/5 FM
  • S/5 Light
  • S/5 with ADU

Description of the Release

  • Added variables 28 (Active Alarms), 33 (Inactive Alarms) and 7743 (Generic Inactive Alarm Message), in order to facilitate alarm integrations
  • Fixed an issue with variable 3878 (Generic Alarm Message) that prevented alarms to be exported correctly when unexpected line breaks are received
  • Updated the output behavior of variable 3878 (Generic Alarm Message) to repeat active alarms and documented the alarm repetition interval in the Help File.
  • Clarified the configuration steps for Carescape B450, Carescape B650 and Carescape B850 devices in the Help File

Cases addressed by this Release

  • C89327 – [Surveillance Integration] DatexA: B850
  • C97371 – Sunnybrook – B850 does not connect consistently when DIM is programmed for 115200
  • C101435 – TigerConnect PCD04 alarms going outbound on default Pipeline
  • C101688 – Deactivation PCD04 Alarm Message for GE B850 (DatexA)