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April 28, 2016

CodanArgusA 5.0.1 APRIL 28, 2016

Device manufacturer

Codan Argus

Supported devices

Infusion Devices

• A100M
• A300M
• A500M
• A60M
• A600M
• A600S
• A606S
• A707V
• A708V
• A717V
• A718V

Description of the release

• Support of Codan Argus pumps for DataCaptor 6.x, SmartLinx 7.x and above.
• Support of A300M, A500M and A600M pump racks.
• Improvement of Bolus detection.

Cases addressed by this release

• C31384, C39394: Migration of CodanArgus DDI to V5
• C36930: Add support to CODAN Argus individual pumps (modules),
• C43962: Need to add short boluses in the CodanArgusA