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March 2, 2017

BBraunBCC 5.1.6 MARCH 2, 2017

Device Manufacturer

B. Braun Melsungen AG

Compatible Applications

Vitals Stream

Supported devices

Infusion Pump

  • Infusomat Space (686)test
  • Perfusor Space (688)
  • Infusomat Space P (687)
  • Infusomat fmS (IFMC, IFME, IFMe)
  • Infusomat fmP (IFPC, IFPE, IFPe)
  • Perfusor compact (PLAA)
  • Perfusor compact S (PLBE)
  • Perfusor fm (PFAD, PFAE, PFAe)

Infusion Pump Rack

  • Fluid Manager (fm computer)
  • Space Station (SpaceCom)

Description of the Release

  • Support of standalone wifi pumps
  • Compatibility with Secure Association
  • Support Priming
  • Fixed server crash
  • Maintenance, see below.

Cases Addressed by this Release

  • C47563 – Data missing from BBraunBCC DDI after some time (ntdll)
  • C48652 – Question about the compatibility bewtween our latest BBraun Spacecom DDI and their firmware
  • C42607 – Feasibility to create a new DDI for individual BBraun pumps (Infusomat & Perfusor space)
  • C43402 – Daily server crashes
  • C44959 – BBraun Pumps: need to support Connecting standalone BBraun pumps (without Spacecom station)
  • C44965 – BBraunBCC (Space station) does not support Secure association feature when devices are connected via ethernet connection.
  • C46174 – Data missing from BBraunBCC DDI after some time (BBraunBCC)