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December 10, 2021
BaxterFMount 5.3.5

BaxterIFMout 5.3.5

Compatible Applications

Capsule™ Vitals Stream

Device Manufacturer

Edwards Lifesciences

Supported Devices

Patient Monitor

  • ClearSight (EV1000NI)
  • EV1000
  • HemoSphere
  • Vigilance
  • Vigilance II
  • Vigileo

Description of the Release

  • Added support of firmware up to 2.01 for EV1000, ClearSight (EV1000NI) and HemoSphere. This added StO2 variables, average CO variables for Hemosphere, and updated variable detailed descriptions for alarms for all devices
  • Added Multiset attributes to CO alarms and to Oximeter alarms for all devices to facilitate alarm integrations
  • Documented the variable update interval in the help-file

Cases addressed by this Release

  • C77749 – HemoSphere from Edwards LifeSciences STO2 compatibility
  • C84785 – Virtua-Edwards Lifesciences Hemosphere not sending STO2
  • C88843 – StO2 Data Needed For Edwards Hemosphere
  • C89329 – [Surveillance Integration] BaxterIFMout: EV1000
  • C89754 – Edwards Hemosphere DDI upgrade request for StO2 variable
  • C91727 – Hemosphere Firmware 2.0
  • C93298 – UMCG: Support HemoSphere advanced monitoring platform
  • C94150 – Hemosphere STO2 Data Needed
  • C96488 – STO2 Data Needed for Hemosphere Device
  • C96952 – Variables for Hemosphere Device
  • C97009 – BaxterIFMOUT Additional Variables Needed

C78303 – BaxterIFMout Cerebral Oximetry Variables Needed