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April 25, 2016

B.BraunBCC 5.0.5 APRIL 25, 2016

Device manufacturer

B.Braun Melsungen AG

Supported devices

Infusion System Networked Systems

• Space Station (SpaceCom)
• Fluid Manager (Fm computer)

Infusion Devices

• Infusomat Space (686)
• Infusomat Space P (687)
• Perfusor Space (688)
• Infusomat fmS (IFMC, IFME, IFMe)
• Infusomat fmP (IFPC, IFPE, IFPe)
• Perfusor compact (PLAA)
• Perfusor compact S (PLBE)
• Perfusor fm (PFAD, PFAE, PFAe)

Description of the release

Corrected performance issue when using network connection.

Cases addressed by this release

• C37230: Performance issues when using the DDI in network mode: Memory leak occurring when GNNEW and GNMODEL aren’t activated in SpaceCom web interface