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July 23, 2021
Capsule Device Driver Interface - AveaA 5.2.7

AveaA 5.2.7

Compatible Applications

Capsule™ Vitals Stream

Device Manufacturer


Supported Devices


  • Avea
  • Avea Comprehensive
  • Avea Plus
  • EnVe
  • ReVel
  • Vela
  • Vela Comprehensive
  • Vela Plus

Description of the Release

  • Added waveform to EnVe and ReVel.
  • Corrected the documentation of waveform activation in the Modes section of the Help File.
  • Improved stability when an unsupported language is configured on the device
  • Added support of French language for Avea devices
  • Added 3 alarms (active, inactive and latched) for Capsule Surveillance compatibility.
  • Added Device Inactivation Status (Alarm silence) to all devices for Capsule Surveillance.

Cases addressed by this Release

  • C71119 – DDI Enhancement Request – Partner’s Healthcare >> CareFusion ReVel Ventilator – Waveform Integration
  • C74494 – Avea 5.2.6 DDI Help file – text in Modes not helpful
  • C86046 – Crash Smartlinx-Viasys Avéa
  • C86981 – Smartlinx Data Outage