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April 28, 2016

AveaA 5.0.4 APRIL 28, 2016

Device manufacturer


Supported devices

Respiratory Care/Anesthesia Delivery

• Avea
• Avea Comprehensive
• Avea Plus
• Vela
• Vela Comprehensive
• Vela Plus
• EnVe
• ReVel

Description of the release

Added support for EnVe and ReVel ventilators.

Corrected issue with Standby Mode.

Maintenance, see below.

Cases addressed by this release

• C18020: AveaA client to receive standby mode by the Avea
• C39558: Add support for the EnVe ventilators
• C18020, C41752: Add variable to export the ‘standby mode’ for Avea
• C45278: Wrong mapping for Tidal Volume