Three focused solutions work seamlessly together with Capsule MDIP 2020-1

Make patient monitoring insightful by continuous analysis of live streaming medical data

  • Simplify complex workflows.
  • Support improvements in patient safety and clinical outcomes.
  • Enable improved staff efficiency and satisfaction.
  • Communicate contextual patient information and minimize non-actionable alerts.
  • Align alert notifications to clinical practice and patient care guidelines.
  • Improve caregiver safety and conserve personal protective equipment in infectious disease care.
  • Enable technology convergence and reduce hospital IT infrastructure complexity.

A centralized management application redesigned for the way you work

A bold new look to our centralized management application that gives you greater control over your Capsule platform and solutions.

The Capsule Command Console (C3) is a web-based front-end for all administrative activities in the Capsule Medical Device Information Platform (MDIP). Intuitive workflows, increased security and enhanced troubleshooting tools make it easier to harness the power of medical device data.

Mission critical care requires mission critical performance

Fully Integrated Vitals Plus Monitoring

Simplify patient vital acquisition and workflows that helps identify at risk patient sooner.

  • Help detect patient deterioration earlier.
  • Centrally manage your Vitals Plus fleet easily with new C3 tools.
  • Combine with Capsule Surveillance to feed smart monitors for intelligent alerting.

Redesigned Neuron Clinical Computing Hub

Greater flexibility, better usability, improved battery life, and now support for outpatient facilities expands the scope of data liberation for your health system.