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November 7, 2019

Capsule Technologies Launches Next Generation Clinical Computing Hub

ANDOVER, MANovember 7th, 2019Kapseltechnologien announced the commercial release of Capsule Neuron 3, a significantly enhanced iteration of the company’s flagship clinical computing hub.

Building on its predecessors’ market leading capabilities which include secure capture of medical device data, touchscreen with local data processing and caching, secure point of care rapid authentication and patient association and secure delivery of encrypted data to the Capsule Medical Device Information Platform, the Neuron 3 offers several key enhancements:

  • Connect more devices: Neuron 3 can connect up to nine physically connected medical devices.
  • Greater flexibility: Neuron 3 is available in three configurations – varying the number and type of medical device connectors – to support multiple clinical workflows, including a compact configuration for mobile workflows.
  • Better usability: With a redesigned, flat, edge-to-edge glossy touchscreen, the Neuron 3 provides a high-resolution screen to optimize readability and cleanability.
  • Better battery life: Neuron 3 can operate 15% longer than its predecessor when on battery power.
  • Expanded application: Neuron 3 is certified for use in both acute care hospitals and outpatient healthcare facilities as well.

“Neuron 3 was designed to anticipate the evolving challenges providers face in managing complex device integration at the point of care and ensure quality outcomes for their patients,” said Hemant Goel, CEO of Capsule Technologies. “Our clients are looking for more than just basic medical device connectivity. They continue to partner with us to improve patient outcomes by empowering clinicians with simplified workflows and timely, actionable insights.”

Neuron 3 supports Capsule Technologies’ Vitals-Stream, a plug-and-play solution designed to simplify data connectivity and delivery, as well as other Capsule Clinical applications such as Chart Xpress, which transforms existing spot monitors into connected solutions that capture, validate and deliver vital signs at the point of care.

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Capsule Technologies ist ein weltweit führender Anbieter der Integration medizinischer Geräte für Krankenhäuser und Gesundheitsorganisationen. Unsere Informationsplattform für medizinische Geräte erfasst Streaming-Daten von praktisch jedem medizinischen Gerät und wandelt kontextreiche Informationen in jedes klinische Dokumentations-, Alarmmanagement-, Patientenüberwachungs-, Entscheidungsunterstützungs- und Forschungssystem um. Durchgängiges Datenmanagement und Konnektivität unterstützen eine bessere Zusammenarbeit und Kommunikation, verbessern die Patientensicherheit und die Gesamtzufriedenheit und fördern eine verbesserte Patientenüberwachung und kontinuierliche Überwachungsfunktionen. Über 2.600 Kunden weltweit nutzen unsere Plattform, um klinische Arbeitsabläufe zu vereinfachen und datengesteuerte Erkenntnisse im gesamten Krankenhaus und in allen Pflegeeinrichtungen zu ermöglichen. Erfahren Sie mehr unter


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