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Mai 11, 2016

PhilipsDataExport 5.1.10

Device manufacturer

Philips Healthcare

Supported devices

Standalone Patient Monitoring Networks

• M2, M3, M4
• IntelliVue MP20, MP30
• IntelliVue MP40, MP50
• IntelliVue MP60, MP70
•  IntelliVue MP80, MP90
• IntelliVue MP2
• IntelliVue MP5, MP5SC
• IntelliVue MMs X2
• IntelliVue MX400, MX450
• IntelliVue MX500, MX550
• IntelliVue MX600, MX700, MX800

Description of the release

• Corrected an issue from an invalid character in variable 8339.

• Added support for firmware revisions K and L.

• Added upper and lower alarm limits.

• Corrected and issue of missing variables.

• Analyzed supportability of MP5T and MP5SC

• Corrected a discrepancy between revision history and available variables.

• Added support for IntelliVue MX400, MX450, MX500, and MX550.

• Corrected a memory leak.

Cases addressed by this release

• C41068 – Ask to add the compatibility with firmware K of device MPX700 in DDI PhilipsDataExport

• C43342 – Add DeviceTime or MeasurementTime for all variables (Secure Association)(network)

• C44338, C45329 – PhilipsDataExport Firmware K Support Request

• C46266, C46427, C46662, C46702 – Asking to add firmware revision L in PhilipsDataExport

• C46701 – Customer needs support of REv L for the DDI PhilipsDataExport

• C47806, C47168, C43475, C48155 – Random timeouts of the DDI

• C35855 – PhilipsDataExport help file mentions incorrect variables in revision history

• C36487, C36253 – Add support for interfaced parameter through IntelliBridge (esp. rSO2)

• C37462 – PhilipsDataExport displays ???? in the grid view variable description

• C31524, C33072 – Added support of IntelliVue MX400, IntelliVue MX450, IntelliVue MX500, and IntelliVue MX550.

• C33484 – Marked variables 3789 (Arterial O2 Saturation) as obsolete because its label is not correct. New variable 14 (SpO2) should be used instead.