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décembre 4, 2018

KLAS Recognizes Bernoulli in the 2018 Clinical Surveillance Report

Customers cite Bernoulli’s ability to identify patient deterioration early as key for improved and timely interventions

Milford, CT—December 4, 2018 – Users of Bernoulli One™, the flagship platform of Bernoulli Health, are the most likely of any customer base to report high trust in their alerts, according to a limited number of clients interviewed for a new KLAS report that assessed the impact of clinical surveillance solutions on patient safety, care and outcomes.

All customers surveyed in Clinical Surveillance 2018 trusted Bernoulli One’s ability to identify physiological trends that point to a potential adverse patient event and communicate an actionable alert to the appropriate clinician for rapid intervention.

“Bernoulli One is awesome at driving patient interventions. We have some floors that are so spread out that we can’t monitor them ourselves,” said one hospital leader. “If a patient’s stats drop, the system sets off an alarm at the nurse station and a nurse can go check on the patient.”

Patient Safety, Transformed

The KLAS report indicated that “clinical surveillance tools hold the promise of giving caregivers clinically actionable insights that decrease mortality, reduce readmissions, and improve overall patient outcomes, and clinicians expect these alerts to be embedded directly within their workflow.”

As the market’s only real-time, end-to-end, connected healthcare platform, Bernoulli One combines vendor-agnostic medical device integration with powerful data aggregation, clinical surveillance, telemedicine/virtual ICU, advanced alarm management, advanced analytics and robust distribution capabilities.

Bernoulli One aggregates and filters continuous, real-time data from patient monitoring devices with retrospective data from the EHR to provide a holistic and complete source of objective information on any patient.

Additionally, Bernoulli One’s ‘smart alarm’ capabilities identifies clinically relevant trends, sustained conditions, reoccurrences and combinatorial indications, while filtering out the non-actionable alerts that often lead to clinical fatigue.

With an FDA Class II clearance for use in both patient monitoring and secondary alarm management, Bernoulli One’s smart alarms allow for the analysis of alarm signals, as well as the high-fidelity physiological data associated with them—a critical pillar of clinical surveillance.

A director of cardiology noted, “Clinicians trust the accuracy of the alerts produced by Bernoulli One. We have done some studies in terms of alarms and alarm response. We have noticed that the response to Bernoulli-prompted alarms is much better. In the past, the nurses knew why the ventilators’ alarms were going off, but they thought they could get to them in a moment. Now with Bernoulli One, the nurses know that when they hear the alarm, they need to respond right away.”

EHR Optimization

While the real-time surveillance market continues to evolve, the potential to make significant, positive impacts on resource utilization, workflow efficiencies, length of stay readmissions and other value-based care metrics is immense, said Janet Dillione, CEO of Bernoulli Health.

“Bernoulli One’s clinical surveillance capabilities can decisively close significant gaps in patient safety that current monitoring practices can’t match,” said Dillione. “Our platform’s integration capabilities means that real-time patient safety initiatives can be centered around the EHR without adding unnecessary inefficiencies and burdens to clinical workflow.”

The central role the EHR plays in day-to-day clinical operations requires that peripheral technologies integrate with the system. Bernoulli One’s seamless integration into any EHR measurably improves automation of patient documentation and simplified clinical workflow, providing a positive impact on provider satisfaction and patient outcomes.

Experience Matters

Bernoulli Health has extensive experience providing medical device integration into the EHR for hospitals and health systems. Bernoulli One connects virtually any clinical system including patient monitors, ventilators, specialty monitors and devices, EHR system and third-party care team communication solutions.

“Bernoulli One has provided a safety net for our nurses, who have felt more comfortable since we started using the system,” said one customer interviewed by KLAS. “We use it mainly for our postop patients. We have alerts at the nurse station, and alarm limits are on the pulse oximeter that the system is connected to.”

Bernoulli Thought Leadership

Bernoulli has a robust online Centre de connaissances of white papers, case studies, blog posts and an eBook detailing emerging trends in alarm management and medical device integration, as well as real-world customer success stories using the Bernoulli One platform.


About Bernoulli Health

The mission of Bernoulli® Health is to improve patient safety in real time. Since 1989, Bernoulli has developed solutions including the all-inclusive Bernoulli One™ platform. A single solution for continuous patient health monitoring and clinical surveillance, medical device integration, and real-time data analytics, there are no other solutions as advanced as Bernoulli One. The Bernoulli software helps save patient lives as it continuously detects deteriorating patient conditions and notifies clinicians of potential events. This results in improved patient observation and provider workflows. Bernoulli has achieved FDA Class II clearance for use in both patient monitoring and secondary alarm management. Bernoulli headquarters are in Milford, CT. For more information visit www.capsuletechnologies.com, email info@BernoulliHealth.com, or call 800-337-9936.

About KLAS

KLAS is a data-driven company on a mission to improve the world’s healthcare by enabling provider and payer voices to be heard and counted. Working with thousands of healthcare professionals, KLAS collects insights on software, services and medical equipment to deliver reports, trending data and statistical overviews. KLAS data is accurate, honest and impartial. The research directly reflects the voice of healthcare professionals and acts as a catalyst for improving vendor performance. To learn more about KLAS and the insights we provide, visit www.KLASresearch.com