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mars 31, 2020

Capsule Technologies Announces First Go-Live in South Africa Netcare Hospital

JOHANNESBURG, March 31, 2020Technologies de capsules, the leading global provider of medical device information platform (MDIP) for hospitals and healthcare organizations, announced the successful go-live of its medical device integration solution in South Africa. The go-live at the pilot site, Netcare Milpark Hospital, is the first in a wave of planned implementations across more than 10,000 beds at 50 hospitals owned by Netcare Limited (Netcare). Netcare operates the largest private hospital, primary healthcare, emergency medical services and renal care networks in South Africa, providing services for more than 3.5 million individuals.

“Comprehensive device connectivity and enhanced accessibility of real-time patient data facilitates better clinical decision making, patient care and provider satisfaction,” said Hemant Goel, CEO of Capsule Technologies. “We are honored to play a significant role in Netcare’s long-term plans to create a modernized and accessible healthcare system across its hospital network countrywide.”

Capsule’s innovative solution captures and intelligently contextualizes medical device information, providing near real-time patient updates at the point of care. Leveraging Capsule’s Medical Device Integration Platform (MDIP) addresses key workflow challenges and drives patient safety, improves staff communication and enhances both the clinician and patient experience. The company’s vendor-neutral platform gives hospitals the flexibility and freedom to deploy almost any medical device.

Netcare chose Capsule, which is offered with health information system iMedOne®, as one part of its approach to enhanced healthcare digitization, accessibility and portability nationally. Netcare CEO Dr Richard Friedland explained: “The successful go-live of our pilot program offers a promising insight into our broader mission to create a more affordable and accessible healthcare system for all of our patients. Capsule’s leading-edge technology will help doctors and other healthcare providers practicing in our facilities capture a more holistic view of a patient’s needs and devise the right treatment for better outcomes.”

Netcare is planning the rollout of iMedOne and Capsule over the next few years. Capsule entered the South African market, including the Netcare implementation, through a collaboration with Deutsche Telekom Clinical Solutions (DTCS). Through an agreement in which DTCS offers Capsule’s solutions in combination with iMedOne, Capsule is bringing a new level of innovation to providers in the South African market.


Capsule Technologies is a leading global provider of medical data technologies for hospitals and healthcare organizations. Our Medical Device Information Platform — comprised of device integration, vital signs monitoring, and clinical surveillance solutions — captures streaming clinical data from connected systems and transforms it into context-rich information for clinical documentation, alarm management, patient surveillance, decision support, predictive analytics, clinical research and more. End-to-end data management and connectivity supports better collaboration and communication between clinicians and departments. More than 2,700 global clients leverage our platform to improve patient safety, simplify workflows and raise overall satisfaction throughout the hospital and across care settings. Learn more at capsuletech.com.

About Netcare Limited

The Netcare Group is a leading provider of private healthcare services in South Africa. The Group provides acute healthcare services across our national network of Netcare hospitals and is the market leader in acute mental health services through the Akeso network. The Group also provides emergency medical services through Netcare 911, oncology services through Netcare Cancer Care, primary care through Medicross and renal care services through National Renal Care (NRC), as well as occupational health and wellness services through Netcare Occupational Health.

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