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mai 3, 2023

PhilipsIIC 5.3.15

Applications compatibles

Flux de données vitales Capsule™

Fabricant de l'appareil

Philips Santé

Périphériques compatibles

Station centrale de surveillance

  • IntelliVue Information Center (IIC) (M3140, M3145, M3150, M3155)
  • Centre d'informations IntelliVue (IIC) iX

Passerelle pour moniteur patient

  • IntelliBridge Entreprise
  • Serveur de grandes bases de données IntelliVue (M3154)
  • Lien patient IntelliVue (M3170)
  • Petit serveur de base de données IntelliVue (M3169)

Description de la version

  • Add support for Trend data for IntelliVue Information Center iX.
  • Added support of German, Dutch, and Norwegian languages for some variables.
  • Fixed an issue to allow some variables to output with ChannelId “Unspecified”.
  • Added configurable Expired Flow and Inspiratory Flow variables.
  • Added new NodeId mode “Patient Association Mode with Facility” that includes the Facility in the NodeId Identifier.
  • Added “Alarm Formats” table to the Help File to explain the difference between normal and enhanced alarm formats.
  • Added support of IntelliVue Information Center iX and IntelliBridge Enterprise version 4.0 by adding variables Delta Patient Weight and Relative Delta Patient Weight variables.
  • Fixed an issue to allow SpO2 Pulse Rate variable with ChannelId “Pre Ductal” to output correctly.
  • To better facilitate data integration, replaced units mL/breath with mL, mg/cm3 with mg/mL, breaths/min with 1/min, 1/s with L/s, L/min with L/min, cmH2O/L with cmH2O/L, mL/beat with  mL, and mL/beat/m2 with mL/m2 and count (ct) to unitless

Cas traités par ce communiqué

  • C91544 – Add support for Faciliy in PhilipsIIC DDI
  • C93077 – UKSP NICU Philips IntelliVue IX
  • C101310 – [Ticket#2021082610000085] LAMI – Philips iX
  • C101453 – [Ticket#2021083110000039] LAMI – Philips iX – Variable missing
  • C101677 – Philips iX – retrospective Data not always retrieved
  • C104167 – Flow values from Fabian using PhilipsIIC
  • C104921 – PICix Alarm Multiset extraction issue
  • C108799 – OLVG: Missing pulse rate after PhilipsIIC driver update