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janvier 5, 2023

NellcorPuritanBennettE 5.3.9

Applications compatibles

Flux de données vitales Capsule™

Fabricant de l'appareil


Périphériques compatibles


  • PB 840

Description de la version

  • Fixed upgrade issue on Neuron from DDI versions 5.1.7 and 5.1.8.
  • Added variables for Device Date/Time, Tube Resistance Compensation Activation Status, ventilation mode, and Inspiratory Flow Termination to better facilitate data integration.
  • Marked Expired Mandatory Tidal Volume variable as obsolete because the NPB 840 does not send Value attribute for this variable, only LowerAlarmLimit and UpperAlarmLimit attributes.
  • Updated the additional information for some variables about backward compatibility between MISCF and MISCA messages.
  • Fixed value for Inspired Tidal Volume and Expired Spontaneous Tidal Volume alarm variables.
  • Improved data refresh rate for compatibility with Surveillance applications.
  • Fixed duplication of exported variables when the device supports both the MISCA and MISCF messages.
  • Updated Configuration Package for Surveillance.