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16 septembre 2015
drager Infinity

DragerInfinityHL7 5.0.1 SEPTEMBER 16, 2015

Fabricant de l'appareil


Périphériques compatibles

Réseaux de surveillance des patients

  • Infinity Gateway Suite

Description de la version

Added a filter to remove the “W” in Patient Location for Wireless beds.

Entretien, voir ci-dessous.

Cas traités par cette version

  • C33567 – Added a new variable (2949) that removed the trailing ‘(W)’ suffix on the Patient Location for wireless beds.
  • C42866 – Fixed an issue in the parsing that prevented some variables from being outputted.


This DDI reads the HL7 export of the Draeger Infinity Gateway. Another DDI connecting to the API of the gateway also exists in the Capsule library.