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août 3, 2022

DatexOhmedaCom 5.3.13

Applications compatibles

Flux de données vitales Capsule™

Fabricant de l'appareil

GE Santé

Périphériques compatibles


  • 7800
  • Aspirer
  • Aspire 7900
  • Vue Aspire
  • Estiva 3000
  • Estiva 7100
  • Estiva 7900
  • Aestiva IRM
  • Estiva/5
  • Station de soins Aisys
  • Aisys Carestation CS2
  • Amingo
  • Avance
  • Avance CS2
  • Avance CS2 PRO
  • Station de soins 620
  • Station de soins 650
  • Station de soins 650c
  • Carestation 750
  • Centiva/5
  • Station de soins d'Engström
  • Engström PRO
  • Non-Aestiva 7900

Description de la version

  • Added calculated End Tidal CO2 Pressure for Wet Mode calculation for Carescape R860, Amingo, Avance, Avance CS2, Aisys, Aisys CS2, Centiva, Engstroem, Engstroem Pro, Carestation 620, Carestation 650 and Carestation 650c.
  • Added support of Device Operation Mode for Engstroem and Engstroem Pro.
  • Modified the UpperAlarmLimit and LowerAlarmLimit attributes of Expired Tidal Volume and Expired Minute Volume to output with the same unit as the associated Value attribute.
  • Added support for the Carestation 750 device.
  • Replaced legacy waveform variables with CDS variables (Airway Flow Waveform, Airway Volume Waveform, Airway Pressure Waveform), Airway CO2 Concentration Waveform, Airway O2 Concentration Waveform, and Airway Unspecified Agent Concentration Waveform).
  • Added Flags, Measurement Time and Device Time attributes to Waveform variables. Updated Modes and Waveforms Output sections.
  • Added support of Inspiratory Component of I:E Ratio and Expiratory Component of I:E Ratio for Carescape R860.
  • Updated the output behavior of N2O Flow Rate and Air Flow Rate variables to output a value of “0” when the gas flow is turned off.
  • Removed support of Gas Control Mode Setting for Carestation 620, Carestation 650 and Carestation 650c.
  • Corrected documentation of Gas Control Mode Setting in the Help file.

Cas traités par ce communiqué

  • C77270 – When Expired Tidal Volume (var ID 2325) is outside of an alarm limit
  • C78164 – Data from GE Aisys CS2 anesthesia machine
  • C80130 – DMM Options Variables Not Sent By Device
  • C81263 – Engstroem Carestation Vent Unable To Suppress Data When In Standby Mode
  • C83090 – Aisys CS2 gas control mode variable – ThedaCare
  • C85452 – DatexOhmedaCom DDI does not send a “0” for gas flows
  • C54608 – Avance CS2 Air Flow Incorrectly Coming Across as 5L
  • C65060 – Problem with End Tidal CO2 Pressure Value at Avance