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Capsule Surveillance helps detect the onset of emergent, potentially actionable conditions early and inform the care team

  • Supports the entire care team with actionable insights
  • Enables improved staff efficiency and satisfaction
  • Aligns alert notifications to clinical practice and patient care guidelines
  • Supports improvements in caregiver safety and conservation of personal protective equipment in infectious disease care
  • Enables technology convergence and reduces hospital IT infrastructure complexity

Latest release of Philips Capsule Surveillance receives FDA clearance

Supporting multiple clinical use cases


Anywhere access

Live, streaming patient data is available via virtually any browser-based device, to see multiple patients – with deep dive capability to see waveforms, trends, events, history, device settings, and more. The Capsule Surveillance workstation view provides an alert list across multiple patients ordered by priority.


Mobile notifications

Integrating with smart phones, pagers, and VOIP phones, Capsule Surveillance supports the escalation of the Capsule smart notifications and source medical device alarms using IHE ACM/WCTP Interface (XML or Text).


Virtual ICU/telehealth

Capsule Surveillance helps to provide remote clinical oversight, based on live-streaming data with condition-specific, potentially clinically actionable alerts and vendor-neutral aggregated viewing of clinical data directly from devices, including waveforms and settings.

Beyond patient monitoring, Capsule Surveillance brings together comprehensive, detailed patient data, alarms, and waveforms from connected devices (e.g., ventilators and CRRT/dialysis devices) to provide a holistic view of patient status and enable tailored and condition-specific alerts. Traditional patient monitoring and alarm management systems detect and distribute medical device alarms, which at high frequency can induce cognitive overload and alarm fatigue.

Monitoring and Surveillance distinct processes in patient care

Patient monitoring is the continuous acquisition, measurement and recording of physiological data over time.

  • Foundation of patient safety and clinical surveillance
  • Changes in the patient state trigger alarms through breach of thresholds for individual parameters

Surveillance clinique is the analysis of  live-streaming clinical data from all patient devices using condition-specific algorithms.

  • Potentially detects early signs of change on a condition-specific event for rapid, appropriate intervention
  • Integrates into existing client workflow and tools

Applying Smart Rules analysis to live-streaming data


Capsule Surveillance subscription license enables…

  • Live-streaming data from medical devices connected to Capsule MDIP.
  • Capsule Smart Rules used to create alerts notifying of clinically actionable patient events.
  • Reporting and analytics to review results and support system optimization.
  • Configurable views of live medical device data (via secure web-browser) to support unique workflows.
  • Routing of condition-specific Smart Alerts to assigned clinicians, escalating as needed.

Capsule Surveillance brochure