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26. Juni 2023

PhilipsC 5.3.12

Kompatible Anwendungen

Capsule™ Chart Xpress
Capsule™ Vitals Stream


Philips Gesundheitswesen

Unterstützte Geräte


  • EarlyVue VS30
  • SureSigns VM1
  • SureSigns VM4
  • SureSigns VM6
  • SureSigns VM8
  • SureSigns VS2+
  • SureSigns VS3
  • SureSigns VS4
  • SureSigns VSi

Beschreibung der Veröffentlichung

  • Added support for TLS 1.2 security protocol for EarlyVue VS30 monitor.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the DDI to collect vitals through the serial connection with devices SureSigns VM1, SureSigns VM4, SureSigns VS2+, SureSigns VSi, SureSigns VS3, SureSigns VS4 and EarlyVue VS30.

In dieser Pressemitteilung behandelte Fälle

  • C99485 – Philips Suresign Vs 3/4/30 data encryption