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30. Juni 2023

MaquetA 5.3.5

Kompatible Anwendungen

Capsule™ Vitals Stream


Maquet Intensivpflege

Unterstützte Geräte


  • Flow-c
  • Flow-e
  • Flow-i

Beschreibung der Veröffentlichung

  • Corrected units for variables Fresh Gas O2 Flow Rate, Fresh Gas N2O Flow and Fresh Gas Air Flow variables.
  • Added support for firmware version 4.8 for the Flow-i, Flow-c and Flow-I device.
  • Added O2 Gas Source and Minimum Alveolar Concentration in Brain variables.
  • Added Alarm Repetition Frequency Table in the Help file and improved implementation of Device Inactivation Status variable to facilitate alarm integration.

In dieser Pressemitteilung behandelte Fälle

  • C98637 – UZ Leuven: Firmware V4.08.xx support for Maquet Flow-i
  • C98679 – Bug: Flow-i sends data in wrong unit
  • C108635 – Wrong values in var2377 2379 since upgrade of the DDI