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August 12, 2022

WelchAllynD 5.3.6

Kompatible Anwendungen

  • Capsule™ Chart Xpress
  • Capsule™ Vitals Stream


Welch Allyn

Unterstützte Geräte


  • Connex Spot-Monitor
  • Connex VSM 6000-Serie
  • Spot VS
  • Spot VSM 300

Beschreibung der Veröffentlichung

  • Improved stability when device is restarted or disconnected and reconnected.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the DDI from being installed when Capsule MDIP is not installed in the default directory.
  • Added MeasurementTime attribute to aperiodic NIBP and Temperature variables
  • Removed NonSignificant attribute from NIBP variables for Spot VS and VSM 300 devices. Nonsignificant values will no longer be output.

In dieser Pressemitteilung behandelte Fälle

  • C86838 – Vitals Not Sent From Neuron – Cached On Neuron Status
  • C87187 – Data Transmission Error on Brand New Neuron 3s
  • C90335 – WelchAllynD DDI wont install