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Februar 24, 2023

SLEA 5.3.3

Kompatible Anwendungen

Capsule™ Vitals Stream



Unterstützte Geräte


  • SLE 4000
  • SLE 5000
  • SLE 6000

Beschreibung der Veröffentlichung

  • Added support for version v2.0.98 of the SLE6000 by adding OxyGenie, End Tidal CO2 alarm, and SpO2 alarm variables.
  • Marked “Interface Communication Alarm” variable obsolete because the label is incorrect. Added new alarm variable “Fresh Gas Solenoid Fail” which should be used instead for the SLE 4000 and SLE 5000.
  • Added MeasurementTime to all variables and added technical alarm variables to all devices.

In dieser Pressemitteilung behandelte Fälle

  • C77006 – SLE6000 auto oxygen mode variable