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Februar 17, 2023

BBraunBCC 5.3.8

Kompatible Anwendungen

Capsule™ Vitals Stream


B. Braun Melsungen AG

Unterstützte Geräte


  • Infusomat Compact Plus
  • Infusomat fmP (IFPC, IFPE, IFPe)
  • Infusomat fmS (IFMC, IFME, IFMe)
  • Infusomat Space (686)
  • Infusomat Space P (687)
  • Perfusor compact (PLAA)
  • Perfusor Compact Plus
  • Perfusor compact S (PLBE)
  • Perfusor fm (PFAD, PFAE, PFAe)
  • Perfusor Space (688)


  • Compact Plus Station
  • Fluid Manager (fm computer)
  • Space Station (SpaceCom)

Beschreibung der Veröffentlichung

  • Added support for SpaceCom device firmware version L92.
  • Added a known issue for SpaceCom device: “Values exported by a pump can be temporarily and erroneously multiplied by 100 after 30 or more hours of continuous operation with SpaceCom and Space WiFi Battery type 1. This issue has been fixed in firmware version L92.”

In dieser Pressemitteilung behandelte Fälle

  • C109321 – New firmware L92 for SpaceCom SpaceStation (Philips MRC/BBraun GmbH)
  • C114016 – VLKH – BBraunBCC DDI support of firmware L92