22 Feb 2016

“Alarm management in a long-term care environment” by Connie Dills, Respiratory Practice Manager for the Hospital for Special Care (HSC) and Bernoulli CNO Jeanne Venella published in McKnight’s

Whether it’s in a hospital or nursing home, alarm proliferation is a well-documented patient safety threat that also disrupts workflow and quality of patient care.  Read how HSC was able to reduce alarms by an estimated 80% on 100-plus ventilators. We achieved real-time surveillance of patients on ventilation support, and complied with the Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goal of mandating that hospitals take definitive steps to implement policies and procedures to safely reduce and prioritize clinical alarms.  Please click to read more: McKnights – Alarm Mgmt in LTAC – Dills Venella – Feb 2106.