Connecting your patients for intelligent care, at home and on the go

Designed with 5G in mind, Capsule Technologies 2net Platform offers scalable Hub and Mobile gateways that provide the infrastructure for a growing system of medical devices, mobile apps and the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). As more patients and health systems demand remote care services, we’re here to provide the connectivity and insights for an expansive range of use cases.

Personalized care that follows the patient

  • “Always on” remote care and monitoring anytime, anywhere
  • Near-real-time data at 4G speed to inform timely interventions
  • Comprehensive feedback to guide lifestyle and treatment decisions

Improved care access and efficiencies

  • Simple user experience can help improve adherence and patient engagement
  • Medical-grade data and insights help focus resources and manage by exception
  • 2net Hub is manufactured under FDA-style good manufacturing practices
  • Allows patients to manage chronic conditions in their preferred care setting

World-class functionality that simply works

  • Captures and seamlessly transmits data to the cloud for integration with virtually any system, application or portal
  • End-to-end connectivity that meets the highest safety and privacy standards including HIPAA
  • Expansive, vendor-neutral ecosystem trusted by leading health care companies

Learn more about how the Capsule 2net™ Platform can help you launch and scale products, apps and sensors that support continuous, remote care.


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06 JUN 2019

Capsule Technologies, Inc. Earns MedTech Breakthrough Award

Capsule Technologies Inc. was awarded “Best Overall Medical Data Solution Provider” by MedTech Breakthrough, an independent organization that recognizes top companies, technologies and products in the global health and medical technology market.

30 JAN 2019

Vitals Plus: Flexible, clinical-friendly workflow

An all-in-one solution for monitoring and clinical documentation that combines ease of use and efficiency.