Powering the next generation of connected devices and therapies.

Capsule Technologies is enabling a future of always-on health care through its turnkey design service and licensing program. 2net Design is streamlining new product development cycles for connected medical devices and improving patient engagement by developing reference designs for low cost & high-performance modules that power next-generation therapies and medical devices. The service allows Pharmaceutical and Medical Device companies to quickly deploy connected technologies for their connected drug delivery and diagnostic devices that meet HIPAA requirements including privacy, security and data integrity while maximizing patient engagement and compliance. 2net Design offers:

Future-proof designs and roadmaps

  • Extensive expertise guiding clinical and pharma manufacturers on standards, methods and security approaches
  • In-depth knowledge of remote care trends to help mediate the pace of technology
  • Understanding of consumer and provider markets to meet needs on both sides of the connected health equation

Solutions and services to keep you moving forward

  • Miniaturized, disposable, low-power and high-performance electronic module reference designs to help streamline new product development
  • Complete transfer packages that include design files, comprehensive documentation, customized firmware/software and broad intellectual property rights
  • Robust, global connectivity infrastructure and solutions to help you scale and diversify

Technology Expertise from the leader in connected health.

  • One of the world’s largest open ecosystems of medical devices, apps and sensors
  • Deep experience in integrating solutions that provide interoperability between thousands of wireless device platforms, operating systems and applications

See how collaborating with Capsule can help speed your connected health solution to market.


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06 JUN 2019

Capsule Technologies, Inc. Earns MedTech Breakthrough Award

Capsule Technologies Inc. was awarded “Best Overall Medical Data Solution Provider” by MedTech Breakthrough, an independent organization that recognizes top companies, technologies and products in the global health and medical technology market.

30 JAN 2019

Vitals Plus: Flexible, clinical-friendly workflow

An all-in-one solution for monitoring and clinical documentation that combines ease of use and efficiency.